21 de julio de 2017

170722 - EUTOPIAS

::: Mañana participamos en el curso / Tomorrow we take part in the course: 'EUTOPIAS. Intensive Summer Course' ::: con el workshop: / with the workshop: 'Designing a Crisis Cabinet of Political Fictions' ::: Ditigido por / Directed by: Julia Ramírez Blanco ::: Coordinación / Coordination: Olga Sureda Guasch :::

As its first-ever summer course, ON MEDIATION (AGI, University of Barcelona) presents EUTOPÍAS, a theoretical-practical course exploring the relationships between contemporary art and utopia. Based on experiential research, EUTOPÍAS takes place over four days of living together in the Nectar farmhouse. The programme is aimed at artists, art historians, curators, and other cultural workers.

In the book which coined the term “utopia”, Thomas More proposed a double etymology for a word that can be read in the sense of ou-topos (no place) and as eu-topos (good place). The meaning of the utopian has always moved between these two opposing poles of the impossible and the desirable. Through a historical account made up of various case studies, the EUTOPÍAS course will explore the meaning of this dichotomy within art, focusing on production since the 1990s. Using the utopian as a watchtower from which to observe the world in a critical way, we will see how utopia functions as a theoretical tool for better understanding our societies.

The theoretical sessions in the mornings are complemented by practical workshops in the afternoon, given by artists and cultural managers. These will reflect on the forms of bringing the concepts “down to earth” in one’s own work. The group will investigate these questions in a place that is itself utopian. All the sessions will take place in the Nectar farmhouse, a self-sufficient rural co-working and co-living space located in the Pre-Pyrenees. In the heart of the Les Guilleries natural park, this zone is characterised by surroundings of woods, escarpments, lakes, and mountains. The subject matter and the natural environment complement each other as a mental and physical space from which to ponder other forms of living together in (an)other possible world(s). At the end of each day, a short cycle of utopian cinema will be screened.

25 de junio de 2017

170614 - + MAD +

::: ¡Actualizando la web! / Updating the web! ::: 099 · + MAD + - Estrategia urbana para la 32ª edición de los Veranos de la Villa, Madrid / 094 • + MAD + - Urban strategy for the 32nd edition of the Veranos de la Villa (Summers in the city) Festival :::

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23 de junio de 2017

170623 - MIAU

::: Hoy, viernes 23 de junio, presentaciones del Final del Master en la ETSAM / Today, Friday June 23rd, Final Master presentations at the ETSAM :::

19 de junio de 2017

6 de junio de 2017


::: Amigos de México DF! / Friends in Mexico DF! ::: Este miércoles 7 de marzo de 2017 estaremos Los miércoles de Soma Mexico, presentando los últimos trabajos de ELII / Next Wednesday June 7th 2017, we shall participate in 'Los miércoles de Soma Mexico,'. We shall resent last works by ELII. We expect you at 8:30pm at SOMA! ::: Los esperamos a las 20:30 en SOMA! / Los esperamos a las 20:30 en SOMA! ::: Calle 13 #25, Col. San Pedro de los Pinos, 03800 Ciudad de México :::
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Los miércoles de SOMA

5 de junio de 2017


::: El lunes pasado visitamos en #lahoraarquine y conversamos con Andrea Griborio. Hablamos sobre arquitecturas, malentendidos, formatos, gabinetes de crisis y mucha salsa / Last Monday we visited #lahoraarquine and we talked with Andrea Griborio. We talked about architectures, missunderstandings, layouts, crisis cabinets, and lots of salsa :::