3 de septiembre de 2016


::: The term ‘black box’ is among the recurring vocabulary of STSs. It is usually understood as a series of technological processes that run invisibly within efficient socio-technical frameworks. The technological black box has been a fruitful concept in many fields in architecture. However, there is another use of the term ‘black box’ beyond architecture. In the field of performing arts, the black box is the space formed by the stage of a theatre. These two views of the concept of ‘black box’ can be seen to share a ‘happy coincidence’. Or they can be seen as a chance to extend the notion of black box that is usually employed in the STSs, such as architecture. How can this second notion of stage black box extend the notions of ‘technological black box’? ::: Uriel Fogué's lecture ‘Domestic theatres: living (in) black boxes’, Friday 2nd September, at 4pm! :::

* Track: ‘Doing theory by other means: how does architectural production challenge STS and ANT’

* Convenors: Nerea Calvillo, Ignacio Farias

* Discussant: Michael Guggenheim

* Authors: Lucas Pohl (Goethe University Frankfurt), Nerea Calvillo (University of Warwick), Alfonso Borragan and Blanca Pujals (Etsab and Independent Studies Program (Macba Museum, Bcn), Aino Alatalo (University of Tampere), Monika Kurath (ETH Zurich), Bernhard Böhm (ETH Zurich), Kåre Poulsgaard (University of Oxford), Enrique Nieto (University of Alicante), Uriel Fogue (Universidad Europea / Elii), Miguel Mesa del Castillo(Universidad de Alicante), Ariane d'Hoop (Université Libre de Bruxelles), Ignacio Farias (TU München) and Gonzalo Correa (Universidad de la República).

Science + technology by other means

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